Flux Game Studio
Based in São Paulo, Brazil

Release date:
November 15th, 2017

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GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is an ultra-violent Tarantino-style unique fighting game where players must dismember their opponents by chopping off arms and legs. Even while missing a limb or two, the brawl continues until one fighter emerges victorious in a hilarious over-the-top battle.


Imagine a hyper consumerist society in 2067 where a scientist discovers that people who get exposed to high levels of violence on TV are healthy and peaceful. Violence on TV is allowed and the fighters become the major celebrities in the world! Dismembering your oponents in a reality show doesn’t seem the most normal thing in the world, but try to imagine this violence mixed with an over the top humor. Each characters has his own story and a reason to be at GUTS. Put a hell of a fitness father to fight against a lumberjack, who is also a lumberjack that is also a Tree-Saving activist, and keep the audience and GUTS’ host entertained, otherwise he can add some surprises to the fight, like saws and lava in the arena! Everything is allowed to keep the show entertaining for the spectators and players!


  • Extremely bloody, fast-paced and violent matches filled with limb amputations
  • Over-the-top humor for a genuine hilarious experience
  • No need to memorize a bible to learn the inputs! GUTS has Dual-Layerd Combo System: layer 1 so you can have fun while button smashing and layer 2 so hardcore players can have fun studying strategies to create amazing combos
  • U-Points system - used to unleash a few special movements: heal and recover a lost limb
  • No health bar – players must dismember their opponent completely to win
  • No fight timer – the show gets harsher as the match progresses with more hazards to escalate the stakes at the end of the bout
  • Competitors don’t stop fighting when they lose their limbs, they change their move sets and keep fighting until they have none
  • Easy to play, hard to master: gameplay created to please casual and pro players
  • Moves and Special Attacks change according to how many limbs the character has left
  • Use fallen limbs as weapons!
  • Extras: Unlockables, 3D Models, Videos, etc
  • 5 different stages with crazy limb-chopping hazards
  • Interact with deadly environments full of hazards that can cause as much harm as an opponent
  • 9 strong, unique, controversial characters personalities with 18 different endings add up to more than 8 hours of Single Player story mode
  • Online mode: Challenge players in the world in casual and ranked modes
  • Local multiplayer: Slaughter against your friends locally
  • Story Mode: Over 9 hours of single player gameplay to reveal all GUTS Characters Stories with their 2 different endings
  • Original Soundtracks with 10+ songs and a dynamic audio system that changes according to limbs still left in a match


GUTS PC Launch Trailer YouTube

GUTS Demo Launch YouTube

Character Spotlight: Sergeant Sam YouTube

EVO 2017 - Fighting game community reacts to GUTS! YouTube

GUTS Gameplay YouTube

GUTS Championship YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • ""A crazy game in which you fight against your opponents and everybody loses lots of body parts. This is GUTS!""
    - Bárbara Gutierrez, IGN Brasil
  • ""GUTS’ most prominent appeal is the way its systems don’t simply discard the players who might not be having such a good time.""
    - Jordan Helm, HardcoreGamer
  • ""GUTS’ has really caught my attention! I could notice that Mortal Kombat is a reference for this game.""
    - Thaís Mastsufugi, Inside Xbox
  • ""One of GUTS’ most prominent features, however, is how resilient the competitors on this future game show are. Despite losing precious limbs, they’ll continue battling to the bitter end""
    - Alan Bradley, Playsource

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About Flux Game Studio

Flux is a 20-people indie studio based in São Paulo, Brazil. We started out as 3 people in 2012 mostly doing work for hire. As we created nice projects and improved in quality and increased the scope of the projects, we also grew our team and became way better developers. Later, we decided to abandon work for hire and external development and go full speed on Intellectual Property creation in 2016. We started 2 projets: GUTS and Trenga. By december 2016 we launched Trenga, a mobile brain game that recently got featured worldwide on Google Play. And then, there is GUTS. Our biggest and boldest project, our first major title, our greatest challenge and the work we are most proud of!

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GUTS - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show Credits

Paulo Luis Santos
Head of Studio, Lead Designer

Stiven Valério
Partner, Art Director

Bruno de Paula
Partner, CFO

Fernando Pepe
Audio Director

Lucas Reis
Marketing Coordinator

Marcella Andrade
Public Relations

Gabriel Siqueira
Game Designer

Tomaz Machado

Bruno Meneghetti

Felippe Lopes

Carina Missae
UX/UI Specialist, 2D Artist

Milena Buzzinaro
2D Artist

Thiago Vilarinho
Tech Artist

Kendy Nambu
Tech Artist

Ramon Camata
Tech Artist

Bianca Antunes

Lucas Couto

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